PostIA Lite by L-Mental (Template for prompts & AIs)

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My story

Video game Kbot's trailer frame digital handmade (on itch io ) @ivanoozeleon

Hello, I am Iván Leonardo Chavarro Martínez @ivanoozeleon, a mix between a "Nerd" Engineer and an illustration artist since I use crayons XD. I love creating, but I was caught in the dilemma of wanting to do more than I could handle.

"He who holds a lot can squeeze very little."

The problem of many

I started animation, programming, art, video game projects, and more, but despite the achievements and completed projects like K-bot, some were left halfway. The arrival of modern AIs was a paradigm shift that, like many, led me to immerse myself in a fascinating river of change, but also in a tumultuous sea.

As an Engineer, I approached the challenge with curiosity and technical rigor, I took complete courses and studies with the Stanford AI expert, I wanted to know everything down to its mathematical basis, but managing tools, workflows and training models consumed my time and energy.

And since there are already many tools that solve many of our problems, the idea was born to integrate everything in one place, and also simplify the “prompt engineering”.

Leonardo Da Vinci known for his genius but also the abandonment of projects, and the reason for my name. BlueWillow/LimeWire model using the PostIA prompt.

That's where the solution was born:

With the technical knowledge and my love for creativity, I developed PostIA: a powerhouse of Prompts and AI tools that simplifies your creative process. Now, with PostIA, you can do more in less time, focusing on what you really enjoy. That's why I can't stop using it, and now I want to share it.

You don't need to be an expert or have technical knowledge to start using it today.

Video game Kbot's trailer frame (on itch io) modified on Dall E

The happiness

Now I have enough time for my artistic projects, having my own company L-Mental Tech, developing software tools and why not, to have fun and share.

Video game Kbot's in game frame, digital handmade (on / modified on Dall E to test change jacket

You deserve more time too.

The tool

PostIA is the tool that integrates and manages all your prompts, which are texts to ask AIs (artificial intelligences) for something, and it already has many of the most necessary ones configured, as well as links to the main AI platforms and social networks. Additionally, it is possible to customize your own preferred tools and prompts.

Save even more time by using these cutting-edge tools.

You now have a starting point, start by opening PostIANever before has it been so fast to bring your ideas to reality!

Follow us, buy it and help me improve it with your suggestions, it becomes easier and more complete!

Plus the support will help create the next mobile version.


✨⌚ Save Time and Increase Quality:

☑️ Excel template with pre-configured prompts for each type of content.

☑️ Buttons with links to the main current AI platforms for text, images, (audio and video only in the full version).

☑️ Buttons to the main social networks to publish the content

☑️ Buttons to video tutorials for each feature to learn how to use PostIA

🚀 Faster, Easier:

🎨 Universal prompts for images with the main types of art, you can edit them. (limited to two for this version).

☑️ Universal prompts to edit and customize. (single slot for this version).

☑️ Free support and updates for 1 year (initially).

☑️ Easy selection to request emojis, hash tags or a touch of humor in the results.

☑️ Customizable buttons to add YOUR favorite new tools! (single slot for this version).

🎉 Prompts to congratulate people and commemorate.

📱 Prompts for social media content, including video and blog.

💻 Prompts for software code and programming. (Full version only).

☑️ Prompts to consult an expert in any area, and prompts for marketing.

🌐 Template in Spanish and English language. More languages later.

🤝 Access to the PostIA community to be more productive together and help improve the tool.

This is just the beginning

We are going to improve it with the most requested suggestions and changes made in the industry.

Be part of this story.

Download it, it will be yours forever!

and you'll get a year of updates and improvements (Need Gumroad account).

Save even more time with PostIA.

Creative community (Disney's Style), Real Cartoon XL v4/NightCafé model using PostIA prompt.

I want this!

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Last updated Feb 3, 2024

Universal Excel template for get prompts and AIs , save even more time with PostIA.

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PostIA Lite by L-Mental (Template for prompts & AIs)

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